KAUST Entrepreneurship’s 2020 Year in Review

KAUST Entrepreneurship’s 2020 Year in Review

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges that required us to shift and grow collectively. KAUST’s response to the pandemic was swift: ensuring our people and the wider community were safe and embracing change by moving all of our programs and initiatives online. KAUST came together virtually and continued to create an impact at the university, in Saudi Arabia and worldwide.

As we look to the year behind us, we can see through our achievements that KAUST and our startups have not just adapted but even excelled through our dynamic and innovative approach.

148 Active KAUST Startups

Wayakit co-founders Sandra Medina and Luisa Javier

KAUST startups continued to gain momentum in 2020. We saw many rising startups close new investment deals, win awards and grow. Here are some of the triumphs:

2739 Innovators

We charged forward with our commitment to training and empowering the next generation of innovators through our programs and initiatives. Although limited by physical restrictions, shifting online allowed us to connect in novel and dynamic ways. Here are some of our key accomplishments:

COVID-Edition Collaborations: 16

Collaborating with world-class institutions and leaders is essential for our growth in entrepreneurship and innovation. This year we were able to join forces with some of the best. Here are some of our most significant 2020 partnerships: