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Below are a list of KAUST funded startups.  The KAUST Innovation Fund supports and mentors high-potential startups that are open for investment and collaboration. Our startups come from across the physical and chemical sciences, as well as IT and digital technologies. Many of our startups came about through one of KAUST’s startup accelerators or mentorship programs.


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Solar & Alternative Energy

Robotic dust mitigation system for solar panel arrays.

Hybrid c-Si / quantum dots technology allowing large efficiency increase over traditional c-Si PV panels.


Online monitoring and analysis of surface fouling, enabling real-time corrective actions

Silica-based adsorption desalination system driven by a low-temperature heat source.

Information & Communications

Customized virtual reality solutions (e.g. virtual reality photography, 360 degree videos production, 3D modeling), application development, and virtual reality social media services using digital content.

Surveying and mapping multi-copter based systems acquiring large-scale, high-res 3D models.

Wireless connectivity solutions tailored to enable collaborative robotic applications with mission-critical nature.

E-learning and social media platform tailored to Arabic content.

Scimagine is an information technology startup that invented an innovative web-based platform for categorized experimental data and media. It aims to be the leading global scientific experimental data curator and provider.

Staff monitoring system to manage location of staff designated to manage large crowds during big events.

Material & Chemical Sciences

Low cost manufacturing of high-quality quantum dots and metal nano-crystals.

New generation light-weight composite material based on hollow silica nanoparticles.

Electrical & Electronics

Apple iPad underwater case allowing divers to capture video, photos and notes.

Portable ammonia breath sensor for early detection and basic monitoring of liver/kidney related diseases.

Flood sensing systems for smart city applications. a gateway system for receiving streaming data from traffic/flood sensors, and a web-based flood data visualizer.

Biological and Life Sciences

High value polysaccharides and pigments produced with high-output micro-algae and vertical photo-reactors.

Genotyping service and discovery services to physicians, hospitals and clinics in Saudi Arabia with diagnostic genetic testing and context-specific prognostic information to support clinical treatment decision-making.

PepPrint provides state-of-the-art technologies in 3D/4D bioprinting for applications in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, diagnostics and drug screening to serve the private and public sectors, i.e. hospitals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.