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Below are a list of KAUST funded startups.  The KAUST Innovation Fund supports and mentors high-potential startups that are open for investment and collaboration. Our startups come from across the physical and chemical sciences, as well as IT and digital technologies. Many of our startups came about through one of KAUST’s startup accelerators or mentorship programs.


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Solar & Alternative Energy

The No-Water Mechanical Automated Dusting Device (NOMADD) is a robotic dust mitigation system for solar panel arrays.

QD Solar develops next-generation photovoltaic cells using colloidal quantum dot technology.


Online monitoring and analysis of surface fouling, enabling real-time corrective actions

Medad is a silica-based adsorption desalination system driven by a low-temperature heat source.

Information & Communications

Visual Experience provides high quality virtual reality content and produces the best low-budget virtual reality viewer in the world.

FalconViz surveys and maps multi-copter-based systems, leading to large-scale, high-resolution 3D models.

Hachid provides highly accurate crowd management and customer behavior solutions.

Acadox is an e-learning social media platform tailored for Arabic content.

Scimagine has a mission to index, curate and classify scientific visual data in a single digital platform. We transform the wild jungle of visuals into the hyper-structured database.

Material & Chemical Sciences

A nanotech startup company that develops and manufactures high quality Quantum Dots and Nanoparticles.

Nanosferix is a startup focused on nano-materials for lightweight and strong engineering composites.

Low cost mass production of high quality, few layer graphene using thermal expansion and exfoliation.

Electrical & Electronics

iDive is an iPad case that can be used underwater, allowing divers to capture video, photos and notes on dives.

A handheld breath analyzer device for non-intrusive measurement of biomarkers (e.g. ammonia) in human breath.

Sadeem specializes in high performance flood sensing systems for smart city applications.

Biological and Life Sciences

Superior performance Red Sea micro-algae to manufacture unique polysaccharides and pigments for the personal care and pharmaceutical markets.

PepPrint provides 3D/4D bioprinting for applications in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, diagnostics and drug screening etc. for hospitals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.