Conference Wrap-up: 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

If you “Google” Consumer Electronics Show (CES), large news networks, tech writers and basement bloggers all agree on one thing: it is HUGE. And from January 5-8, KAUST was able to be a part of that large, tecchie jigsaw puzzle of gadget makers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For the first time, KAUST joined in on the most anticipated electronics show in the world. Imagine 4,000-plus exhibitors from over 150 countries, sprawled out into three fully packed convention centers—all ready to show the next big innovation hitting the market.

KAUST’s presence 

Amongst the horde of 165,000-plus people, KAUST made its debut in Eureka Park, where University Innovations were on display. The energy of the show was palpable. Eyes prowled the booths, hungry to consume the hottest tech before it hit the market. Huge screens showcased products—from virtual reality to robots to self-driving cars. Nothing was off-limits (like this Einstein talking robot or machine that folds your clothes). Being a part of that connected experience was memorable and enthralling.

Part of this experience was showcasing tech not just to scientists or specialists in a field, but directly to consumers. It was a great way to bridge the gap between tech and the masses, communicating life changing inventions to all kinds of people.

Still reeling from the buzz of the first CES, we hope to make an even bigger impact next year!

What we showcased:

I&ED’s Technology Management team as well as KAUST researchers were on hand to showcase 21 prototypes; from electronics to sensors and wearables.

Here’s a preview of three prototypes we featured:

KAUST’s Smart Dental Brace

Multipurpose aligner that speeds up regeneration of bones and teeth straightening. Non-toxic batteries & LED lights embedded into one device. 

KAUST’s Super Battery

Next generation flexible, rechargable lithim-sulphur battery. 

KAUST’s Paper Watch 

Thin, low-cost sensors made out of paper to provide unlimited options for future wearables. 

Missed us at CES? Let’s connect! Email for more information on how to partner or license our technologies. You can check out our CES featured tech here: