Young Builders at KAUSTinnovation

A new group has moved into KAUST Research and Technology Park! Meet the Young Builders, a group that lets KAUST community kids build, play and explore through robotics and toys.

Bringing the innovation spirit to our team, the kids now have their own work spaces and large areas to build together. The group, which is housed and financed by the Park, has been up and running with us since 2016.

The chance to have Young Builders be part of our KAUST innovation team is a no-brainer. Young Builders creator, Laurie Zienchuck says it best:

“They are exploring and seeing other projects they can do, what other kinds of robots can be made…what other shapes, what other forms, how do different gears link together in order for a different outcome. And I think through play, working with their parents, working with other children here at Young Builders they’re given the opportunity to explore, test, try. And that’s where innovation comes to life.”