These 37 TAQADAM Startups are Ready to Disrupt

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No matter how hard 2020 pushed, these founders pushed right back. Now, on March 10, the world will get a sneak peek at TAQADAM’s latest graduates — 37 innovative startups ready to change the world — and the way we live, eat, share, and connect.

At this year’s virtual showcase our 2020 TAQADAM Startup Accelerator cohort — 70+ founders across 37 startups — will present their big ideas before a panel of expert judges. Each founder has one goal in mind: secure a piece of more than 4,000,000 SAR in zero-equity follow on funding, while drumming up attention among potential investors and partners.

This year’s cohort was the most diverse yet, representing a number of industries including e-commerce, HealthTech, EduTech and FinTech. Forty-six percent of the startups are run by female founders. Teams come from 10 Saudi cities and, for the first time, include international teams from Bahrain, Egypt, Algeria, and Lebanon.

Participating teams received 150,000 SAR in zero-equity funding and participated in a six-month entrepreneurship accelerator that included virtual workshops, speakers, training, and access to industry-leading mentors.

To watch the showcase live, register now. Presentations start at 3:00 PM AST on March 10.

After the 37 startups pitch, you’ll have a chance to vote in the People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice winning team will receive 375,000 SAR in zero-equity funding.

The 2020 cohort includes:


AlGooru is a mobile education platform that matches students with qualified tutors for academic assistance and distance learning support.

AN design

AN Design is a freelancer platform that connects startups and small to medium businesses with designers based on interests, skill level, work experience, and budget.

AYA Animations

AYA Animations creates value-driven edutainment through animated series and educational kits. Content is designed to help children build identities based on environmental awareness and positive human ethics.

Arabian Rascene

Using wireless sensors, Arabian Rascene provides real-time vibration monitoring that helps companies avoid costly financial losses and piping modifications during operations.


Boonus consolidates multiple loyalty programs in one mobile app where users can enroll in their favorite program while providing data and analytics to businesses in order to build stronger marketing campaigns.


TAQADAM Cohort 2020 Startup, COVA

COVA is a mobile app providing on-demand delivery of made-to-order coffee and sweets in Makkah al-Mukarramah. This innovative merchant-focused solutions empower local businesses by generating new revenue streams and providing greater reach.


ESAR is an online car rental marketplace that allows private car owners to rent their vehicles on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


FreshSense provides an advanced food-safety app that facilitates inventory management and food quality monitoring by combining environmentally friendly smart tags with a user-friendly IoT platform.


Glance is a clinical assistance management platform that provides physicians with everything they need to run a shift productively, including individual health management plans, advanced dosing methods, recommendations on diagnosis and treatment, and access to credible, clinical information.

Hakawati Game

Hakawati Game is an interactive, digital storytelling game that helps children improve their reading skills while making deep connections to learning and unleashing their imagination through play.

IFF Machine

IFF Machine is a large, diverse online Arabic platform that provides innovative technical solutions such as 3D printers, CNC routers, drilling and engraving machinery, and robotic devices.


Jaleesa is a free digital app connecting parents and businesses with certified babysitters. The app’s platform provides profiles, costs, reviews, and ratings for sitters, plus scheduling capabilities, and payment capabilities.


The Liven digital app is designed to help people with diabetes reduce complications, improve glucose readings, and reduce medication use. The app tracks daily patterns, monitors glucose levels, and creates three-month health plans with licensed specialists.


Logexa provides an on-demand warehousing service platform that matches the storage needs of small businesses with available depot locations across multiple geographic locations in Saudi Arabia.


Omran — a dynamic property management app — helps property owners better manage their workflows. With a few quick clicks owners can send alerts, aggregate financial data, and collect payments.


Onceover uses sensors to detect changes in pipe behavior and provides corrosion and leak warnings, along with real-time status updates that help prevent damages and disasters before they happen.


PhysioHome helps patients with insufficient health care or lack of transportation access affordable physical therapy at home. Patients use the online platform to create a treatment plan and schedule 45-minute, in-person physical therapy sessions.


TAQADAM Cohort 2020 Startup, Polymeron

Polymeron reduces the need for single-use plastic, by manufacturing environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable polymeric materials, produced using organic waste leftover from the agricultural date industry.


PiFlow matches small businesses with personal bookkeepers who directly manage their accounting needs and while ensuring leaders have a clear picture of cash flow and financial data.


Qoot’s online platform offers professional catering services from some of the best chefs in Jeddah, Medina, and Riyadh, for catering for events, meetings, and gatherings while helping chefs grow their reach.


Quizzito encourages kids to love reading, with digital kiosks and a downloadable app that evaluate comprehension levels and monitor reader progress, Quizzito also offers books, digital games, quizzes, competitions, and prizes to boost engagement.


Raed is an app that uses storytelling to provide educational, confidence-building entertainment for children ages 4-12. App users can listen to stories, interact with peers from around the world.


Rehla is a digital ridesharing app that links drivers and passengers heading to the same destination. This facilitates competitive transportation options and supplemental income opportunities.

SARSat Arabia

TAQADAM Cohort 2020 Startup, SARsat Arabia

SARSat Arabia builds small, cost-efficient Synthetic Aperture Radar (SR) satellite constellations that provide high-resolution images and remote sensing data that helps governmental and commercial industries make better decisions.


Sawty designs augmentative and alternative communication aids that help people with speech and language impairments easily communicate and connect with others in the Arabic language.


Shasha is an advertising technology platform that helps companies purchase digital screen ad space directly online, and makes the OOH advertising experience simple, affordable, and convenient.


Taffi is a subscription styling and shopping platform that uses AI technology to match women with a personal stylist who curates and ships outfits directly to the client’s door.


TARA’s patented Snap Shades™ design couples prescription sunglasses and glasses into one unified, functional design giving customers two glasses for the price of one.


THEMAR provides a peer-to-peer, Shariah-compliant online financing marketplace that connects investors directly with small businesses and microenterprises in need of financing.


The Tmyyoz app provides interactive videos, practice questions, and simulated tests to improve comprehension and testing skills. Students can also connect with tutors and an online education community online for support.


Using the Trenjh app, shoppers can source and purchase local fruit and vegetables for convenient same-day or pre-scheduled delivery while grocers widen their market reach.


UDAWIi improves treatments for uninsured Saudi Arabians. Its free online platform connects members with a network of hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare providers, making it easy to access health services.


Uvera is a compact, portable, chemical-free device that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to extend the shelf life of fresh produce and deactivate food poisoning bacteria.


Vetwork’s digital app connects pet owners to experienced veterinarians who can provide in-home healthcare plus obedience training, grooming, boarding, dog walking, and more.


Wethaq provides a regulated, open financial technology platform. Wethaq increases issuance speed while decreasing costs and complexity for banks, issuers, and investors.


WhiteHelmet enables stakeholders to remotely manage construction project operations. Its mobile app includes smart building management, virtual archives, progress tracking, and digital documentation.

Yamama Wing 

YamamaWing operates a drone-based logistics service to help expand delivery radiuses and increase distribution speed, making it easier to deliver critical packages, such as medicine, to remote areas.

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