Get innovating! Ten tips to jumpstart your career

So you want to dominate your career…what’s next?  Guest blogger, REVelate mentor and corporate innovator John Eager shares how to get noticed on the job, and take your work skills to the next level.

Ten tips to jumpstart your career

Contributor: John Eager, KAUST International Mentor Group

In 25 years of working professionally, these key tips have kept me moving ahead personally:

10. Find an industry you have a passion for. You won’t get the dream job the first time, and you’ll have to work your way up. But working in your own field will certainly make the journey worthwhile.

9. Arrive a little early, leave a little late – you’ll achieve more, and show your commitment. Do more than is expected, always.

8. Be responsible and accountable for your own results. Winners admit their objectives, and adjust to win again. Losers blame others.

7. Always do the right thing – your business reputation and ethics are valuable assets.

6. Stay cool under pressure. Remain calm & effective when passion and pressure is high. Keep your temper.


5. Be generous with your time and ideas. Be the “go-to” person.

4. Communicate early and often. Communicate in person, not by email (written words = 7%, tonality = 38%, body language = 55%)

3. Always develop your knowledge & skill with formal learning and industry designations and certifications.

2. Remember that enthusiasm is contagious. So is apathy. Choose wisely – which are you spreading?

1. Be an Optimist. Great leaders inspire hope.



John Eager is a KAUST International Mentor, working with the Entrepreneurship Center. He is a Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA. He’s worked his way up from being a 17-year-old apprentice accountant, through several moves (and adventures) to becoming CEO of a leading Irish firm, and subsequently started WinAbu Consulting, his own international consulting practice in 2014.

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