Novel Sorbent Material and Method for CO2 Gas Capture

A novel silica fibrous nanospheres functionalized through an amination process for CO2 gas capture

Technology Summary

A one-step thermal process (ammonolysis) has been developed to produce solid amine-grafted silica sorbent for CO2 capture was developed. The grafting technique is simple and does not involve the use of expensive and toxic chemicals. The technique produces not only “green” but very robust highly stable sorbent material at high temperatures and different atmospheres. Unlike conventional organic amine-grafted silica products, the high mechanical strength of this sorbent allows its regeneration and multiple use for CO2 capture. Our data, so far, has demonstrated up to 5 cycles of CO2 gas capture with no deterioration in the sorbent’s morphology or performance. The CO2 adsorption on this silica nanosphere sorbent material has shown fast kinetics with complete uptake of CO2 in less than 2 minutes. This technology provides a sustainable solution in capturing CO2 thus allowing use of fossil fuel with reduced CO2 emissions.


IP Protection

KAUST has an issued patent US 13/709,155 for this technology.

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  • Simple and Cost Effective: One-step production process with no expensive chemicals required
  • Environmentally Friendly: No toxic agents required
  • Robust: High thermal stability in inert and oxidative environments
  • Long Service Life: Excellent mechanical strength, easy regeneration, and long lifetime (up to 5 cycles of CO2 capture)
  • Fast Kinetics: High rate of CO2 adsorption and desorption


  • Gas Capture – (CO2-containing gas streams)
  • CO2 emission reduction
  • Automobile industry
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