Creating Serendipity in Innovation Ecosystems

Serendipity means a ‘fortunate happenstance’ or ‘pleasant surprise.’

At innovation ecosystems such as KAUST, where science and technology is elevated through collaboration on a number of fronts, serendipity is encouraged and even celebrated.

Some of the greatest inventions of all time were invented by accident or bold experimenting in laboratories. Such creative fireworks and even failures can often build strong foundations for a number of future successes.

A recent article by Pagan Kennedy in the New York Times highlights the importance of cultivating the art of serendipity.

What can institutions do to promote serendipity?

You can encourage positive risk taking, seek out fresh perspectives and ideas on a daily basis, take the road less travelled and always push yourself out of your comfort zone.

If you follow such an inquisitive path, it may make all the difference.