Scaled Up Experimental Opportunities at KAUST Kilo Lab

The KAUST Kilo Lab is a scale-up facility that offers researchers in the areas of organic synthesis and homogeneous catalysis the opportunity to utilize KAUST’s expertise and know-how to commercialize their research.

It supports the development and processing of pharmaceutical ingredients, fine chemicals, and other organic intermediates and materials for industries such as:

    • Food
    • Pharmaceutical and organic materials
    • Cosmetics
    • Agrochemical
    • Petrochemical

Technology Development

From the fundamental sketching of desired compounds to validating their scalable synthetic protocols, the Kilo Lab offers numerous opportunities for developing and testing new technologies at a pilot scale, as well as developing and improving processes of existing technologies.

Access to Academic Expertise

Organizations that partner with the Kilo Lab team gain a competitive edge by acquiring R&D solutions that are tailored to their needs, and solve manufacturing challenges that would otherwise be difficult to tackle.


The Kilo Lab is an ideal training partner for companies. Personnel can gain academic-scale education and get trained for manufacturing and material development using the latest technologies.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization

The essential mission of the KAUST Kilo Lab is to accelerate commercialization and the transfer of technology from lab to market to achieve regional economic development that has a global impact, which is a core mission of the University.

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