Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi One of World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds

Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi

Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi

 Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi from KAUST’s Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials Center was recently recognized in Thomson Reuters IP & Science Highly Cited Researchers. The listing spotlighted more than 3,000 outstanding researchers in the last decade in 21 broad fields of study. A Thomson Reuters press release explained:

[Thomson Reuters analysts] tracked authors who published numerous articles that ranked among the top one percent of the most cited in their respective fields in the given year of publication. These documents represent research that the scientific community has judged to be the most significant and useful.

The list was compiled in a special report titled “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014.”

Gordon Macomber, Managing Director of Thomson Reuters Scientific & Scholarly Research, commented that “Citations offer a direct testament to work that scientists themselves judge to be the most important to ongoing research.” He says: “By analyzing these citation connections, one can identify the most impactful people, publications, programs, and more. The listings in Highly Cited Researchers truly reflect positive assessment by peers, and constitute a searchable database containing an elite selection of the world’s most influential scientific researchers.”

Eddaoudi’s IP Portfolio

With his team at the KAUST Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials Center, Prof. Eddaoudi has produced a range of innovations, including a novel battery electrode separator using metal-organic materials for performance improvements in batteries and electrochemical cells. This technology uses metal-organic materials—including metal-organic frameworks, metal-organic polyhedra, coordination polymers, and covalent-organic frameworks—as a separator between electrodes in batteries and electrochemical cells. KAUST has a patent pending for this technology, with opportunities for joint development, licensing, or other mutually beneficial relationships with industry or research partners.

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