PostUP is a certificate program designed by the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center to empower KAUST Postdocs with an innovation and commercialization mindset. Over the course of 10-weeks, participants will learn how to translate scientifically complex challenges into commercially viable solutions. Postdocs will receive training in the principles of design thinking, business modelling, prototyping, commercialization and pitching.

Program Details

Applications: February 10-23, 2019
Classes: March 1–April 29, 2019
Project Showcase: September 2019
Who is eligible to apply? Eligible teams must have at least one KAUST Postdoc. Postdocs must apply with a team.

Program Structure

Teams will develop a startup from a research project they submitted during the application process or will be provided with one during the introductory workshop.The 2019 intake has a maximum capacity of 10 teams. Each team will be granted $5kUSD in prototyping funding for their ideas.

The 10-week program will kick-off with a 4-hour weekend session on March1 –2,2019. 90-minutes classes will then take place every Monday after working hours from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Over the course of the program, you will learn:

  • Design Thinking
  • Lean Startup and Customer Discovery
  • Prototyping and Tech Nav
  • Commercialization
  • Pitching
  • Project Showcase
  • A mentor for teams who wish to continue their entrepreneurial path
  • $5k USD prototyping funding
  • Completion certificate(must not miss more than one class)
  • Who can apply?

    PostUp is a learning program open for all community members, however, each team should have at least one KAUST Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Want to join, but don’t know a PostDoc? Get in touch. We may be able to match you with a team. ec@kaust.edu.sa


  • I don’t have a team, can I apply as an individual?

    Projects that apply as a team are proven more likely to succeed. The PostUp program focuses on entrepreneurship and commercialization training, which requires applicants to work in teams.  For this reason, we only accept applications from teams of 2 people minimum. If you do not have a team yet, but are interested, let us know! We may have other researchers and colleagues for you to partner with.

    Preference will be given to teams with 3 to 4 team members with at least one PostDoc/Research scientist in the group.


  • I’d like to participate my team and I do not have an idea…

    A research or startup idea is not required to apply. If you don’t have one yet, we will provide you with several technologies to work with. We will also spend time working with you through the ideation phase to help translate your idea.


  • Sounds interesting but I don’t think I have time

    PostUp is a 10-week program, which consists of 2-hour classes that will take place every Monday after working hours from 5:30 pm.

    The program will start on Saturday the 2nd of March (this is the only class that will take place in the weekend) and finish the 6th of May; we will have a break during the last week of March. During summer (June to August) you will have time to work on your projects before meeting again at the end of September for a final presentation.