Looking Back at KAUST’s Beginnings 5-Years Later

KAUST began as a vision, perceived across a great expanse of dry, unremarkable desert sand. Five years – and some key ingredients later – it is growing into a global force of academics, and is a proud pillar of light to its native nation. Of those key ingredients, none were more vital than the people who helped KAUST rise from the sands. They added water, and they added stone. They brought ideas, and they brought energy. They came to work, but they ended up bringing life. Life was all that the vision needed.

As KAUST celebrates its 5-year anniversary, we asked those who have been here from the very beginning to reflect on the early days, to share some of their stories, and to tell us what has changed about KAUST and about their lives. Thank you to those who took the time to contribute. We’ve selected some of our favorite quotes to share.

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