Innovation Starts Young at KAUST: Entrepreneurship Center Mentors Kidventors

KAUST’s Entrepreneurship Center offers guidance and support to The KAUST School (TKS) through TKS Entrepreneurs, which provides students with business camps, community support and the development of their current ideas into potential prototypes.

This mentoring was on full display during Innovation and Economic Development’s Open House in late October. At this event, students from TKS Entrepreneurs highlighted their ‘kidventions’ by applying design thinking methodologies to a variety of mockups and visual displays.

For example, one inventor highlighted the design of her combined guitar tuner/pick. Guitarists can use the pick to not only play the guitar but to also ensure that each string is properly attuned to the right pitch. The combined tuner/pick could also be used as a key chain and it glows in the dark.

Another inventor highlighted her Math pencil design, which could scan simple math equations and provide immediate answers (this invention might not be popular with teachers!). One student provided an overview of her SmartMark design – an electronic device that could scan books and then provide audio outputs for them. For forgetful gardeners, another student provided attendees with a summary of her drip technology. Water is compartmentalized in one section of the contraption with soil and an electronic sensor combined in another. When the soils becomes dry and the sensor is activated, water is dripped into the soil.

Lauren Molloy, a  Design and Technology Teacher at TKS, is a champion of strong collaboration between the Entrepreneurship Center and TKS. “This collaboration has strongly benefited our students. They develop creativity and learn about the importance of positive risk taking,” Molloy said. “Together with the Entrepreneurship Center, we can nurture these aspiring innovators and give them an early start towards their ultimate goal of becoming successful entrepreneurs.”

“Success can come at any age. The Entrepreneurship Center at KAUST is pleased to work with young entrepreneurs at TKS to develop their innovations to the next level,” added Amal Dokhan, Program Development Coordinator, Entrepreneurship Center.