Sadeem provides smart city monitoring solutions for flood, traffic, weather and air quality in urban areas. Using independent active sensor networks, Sadeem enables cities to make decisions better and faster, saving lives and resources in real-time.

Sadeem is the world’s first plug-and-play solution for urban city monitoring. The multi-patented technology complements existing infrastructure using an independent sensor network with an integrated visualization platform and mobile application. Sensors are wireless and solar powered allowing for reliable wireless communication during disaster management situations such as severe weather and flooding. Sadeem enables cities to significantly reduce infrastructure investments and can reduce economic losses during disasters by up to 30%.

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Sadeem Technology

Urban Management Monitoring Sadeem Sensors:

  • Plug-and-play real-time city monitoring
  • Highly reliable precision sensor nodes
  • No integration and software maintenance costs
  • Work when power grids and cellular networks

Aura 1.0 Environmental Monitoring Sensor

  • Air pollutant monitoring
  • Particulate matter monitoring
  • Air temperature
  • Pressure and humidity

Equa 1.0 Flood Monitoring Sensor

  • Real-time flood maps
  • Early warnings and forecasts
  • Safe routing and evacuation
  • Humidity and pressure
  • Traffic density
  • Vehicle counts per road and lane
  • Vehicle classification
  • Vehicle average speed
Dr. Esteban Canepa
Dr. Ahmad Dehwah
Dr. Mustafa Mousa

Sadeem is distributing sensors around KAUST campus to develop better traffic, flood and environmental sensor units. We are looking for new Sadeemers who can join us to help cities with the global urban challenges of this century.