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KICP Membership Benefits

Membership to KICP means access to a research community that can impact your organization’s future.

We actively partner with businesses and government entities to provide them access to the University’s research and technology, faculty and student talent, facilities and training, as well as seminars and other major events.

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The KAUST Innovation Collaboration Program offers:

Early and priority access to KAUST’s intellectual property, technology, talent and facilities, including the KAUST Core Labs. Members will also receive:

  • Early access to latest KAUST technologies/IP
  • Preferential rates and priority access to corporate innovation training
  • Access to investment opportunities in KAUST’s technology-based startups
  • Priority access to services of KAUST’s Core Laboratories and major research facilities
  • Opportunity to establish student fellowship carrying the company’s name
  • Preferential rates for joining Center Industry Affiliates Program (CIAP) membership
  • Possibility of having a KAUST faculty member, an expert in your business area, to serve on your company’s advisory/R&D board

Receive tailored information on potential research projects in line with your company’s needs. Participate in matchmaking workshops to find collaborative research opportunities with faculty and researchers.

With the many research areas at KAUST, targeting people and projects relevant to your research needs requires some guidance. Members of the KICP gain access to expert navigation of KAUST’s vast resources. In addition, our team of dedicated on-campus Business Development Specialists can:

  • Provide customized collaboration services
  • Share tailored information on potential research projects with KAUST faculty in line with your company’s business direction and R&D needs
  • Organize matchmaking workshops for your company to discuss collaborative research with our faculty and researchers at the forefront of pioneering research and emerging technologies.

Each KICP member nominates an executive-level representative to serve as a KAUST Industry Advisory Board (KIAB) member, chaired by KAUST’s president. Here members have the opportunity to meet other KICP members and key quasi-government agencies to network and collaborate.

Participation in KICP guarantees initiations to influential events and ongoing networking opportunities. This includes:

  • A seat at the annual KAUST Innovation Advisory Board
  • Complimentary invitations to KAUST Research and Technology Conferences
  • Complimentary access to field and applied testing facilities for technology demonstration and testing
  • Access to potential IP challenges, student challenges, and prototyping facilities
  • Facilitation of interaction with policymakers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Greater recognition through KAUST promotional materials presented in local and regional conferences
  • Complimentary invitation to two annual career events, ideal platforms for recruitment of our highly qualified local and international graduate students for potential internships and job placements
  • Complimentary invitation to on-campus research and innovation events
  • An invitation to the annual KICP Research and Technology Forum
  • Subscription to KAUST Innovation monthly online newsletter
  • Subscription to KAUST’s Discovery Magazine
  • Access to reports in the areas of economic development and entrepreneurship

KICP Membership Categories

Membership in the KICP comprises two categories

  • Strategic Partner
  • Honorary Member

The strategic partnership is for industry, and the honorary membership is available only to relevant Saudi government and quasi-government agencies. Extending KICP Honorary membership to these agencies depends largely on their engagement level with KAUST, their alignment with KAUST’s economic development mission, and/or on industry members’ recommendations.

Companies interested in joining KICP are expected to commit to a long-term relationship so that both KAUST and KICP partners have the opportunity to benefit from this partnership fully. Annual membership fees are used to deliver various benefits and services to KICP members, support KICP initiatives and KAUST-wide initiatives.

Additional engagement opportunities

The KAUST Center Industry Affiliates Program (CIAP) is membership-based, focusing on a designated research theme. Companies may choose to join the KICP or CIAP, or both—the two programs offer complementary but distinct benefits.
The KICP is a higher-level, university-wide program focused on industry alignment, business development, networking and KAUST’s research breadth. CIAPs are linked to a specific Research Center at KAUST, allowing for in-depth exposure into a designated research theme. Each CIAP is designed to integrate industry members closely with the Center’s research mission and agenda.
Companies interested in working closely with a certain Research Center may join the relevant CIAP. Members are carefully selected to represent a collection of backgrounds and expertise.