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Intel Extreme Performance Users Group (IXPUG) Middle East Conference 2018 at KAUST

April 23 8:00 AM - April 25 5:00 PM

April 23 – 25
Conference Center (bldg. 19), Hall 1
KAUST will host the first meeting in the Middle East of the Intel Extreme Performance Users Group (IXPUG), under the sponsorship of Intel, Cray, and KAUST I&ED. IXPUG Middle East will focus will focus on simulation and analytics based on PDEs or statistics, illustrating the benefits of new programming models and software libraries.

With the goal of surveying recent developments in HPC enabled by manycore and heterogeneous processors and multi-level memory hierarchies, one could attend the technical programs of ISC’18 in Frankfurt or SC’18 in Dallas and receive the perspectives of additional vendors, but for topical coverage, one could not do much better than this free, local conference.

The invited speakers are stellar, headed by Intel’s lead exascale architect, ACM Seymour Cray Award winner and Intel Fellow Alan Gara, who previously designed the IBM Blue Gene, winner of the 2009 US National Medal of Technology and Innovation. Alan will give a talk titled, “The Intertwined Futures of High-Performance Computing and Artifical Intelligence” at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, April 23 in the Conference Center (bldg 19).

Click here for the schedule.
Click here for abstracts and speaker bios.

This meeting is organized by Professor David Keyes, Chair, IXPUG Middle East 2018. 
This conference is open to the KAUST community and invited guests. 


April 23 8:00 AM
April 25 5:00 PM