Our team

Office of the Vice President

Kevin Cullen

Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development

Executive Secretary

Catherine Montiano

Executive Secretary

Commercial Legal

Francesco Fontea

Commercial Director

Operations & Strategy

Mark Hull

Operations & Strategy Manager

Marketing & Outreach

Aurelie Arsouze

Acting Innovation Marketing Manager 

Sara Brady

Graphic Designer

Malak Sabahi

Graphic Designer

Lama M. Kattan

Graphic Designer

Katja Gorenflot

Marketing Officer

Business & Finance

Salah Alenazi

Business & Finance Manager

Saira Baksh

Financial Analyst

Agha Safia

Business Administrator

Tenant Affairs

Amr AlThagafi

KRTP Commercial Officer

Reem Philby

Business Operations Officer

Norani Nordin

Partner Relations Coordinator

Omar Kutbi

Tenant Relations Officer

Industry Partnerships

Contact us about

  • Joining our industry collaboration program
  • Hiring KAUST graduates and students
  • Conducting corporate R&D at KAUST 
  • Establishing physical presence at the KAUST Research & Technology Park

Farhan Al-Shahrani

Head of Innovation Partnerships

Loay Alfi

Innovation Partnerships Manager

Amjad H. Ashri

Innovation Partnerships Manager

Manal Alotaibi

Logistics Support Associate

Entrepreneurship Center

Contact us about

  • Corporate innovation programs
  • Business plan development
  • Accelerators and mentorship

Hattan Ahmed

Head of the Entrepreneurship Center


Abdulrahman Al Jiffry

Educational Program Development Officer

Arwa Shafi

Innovation Academy Associate

Nikolaos Tsorpatzidis

Startup Coordinator

Jerry Faldas

Team Admin

Nawaf A. Algain

Learning and Design Program Manager

Rayan A. Alrasheed

Startup Incubator Lead

Salman S. Kattan

Startup Coordinator

Roberto Ciaramaria

Data and Business Analyst

Ali A. Alahmari

Startup Coordinator

Bulent Erbilgin

Visiting Faculty

Innovation Fund

Contact us about

  • Investing in startups
  • Pitching a business plan
  • Contact

Tamer Osman

Acting Innovation Fund Head

Francois Pichot

Investment Manager

Enaam Tamboosi

Portfolio Coordination Analyst

Nadine M. Mojadidi

Financial Analyst

Asim A. Danish

Business Advisory Manager 

Afnan A Bukhari

Admin Coordinator

Technology Commercialization

Contact us about

  • Licensing KAUST technology
  • Reporting an invention

Industry Engagement

Belal Fayad

Divisional Engagement Manager, Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering

Omar Khasawneh

Business Development Specialist

Khaled Hallak

Partner Relations Officer

Salahud Din

Acting Divisional Engagement Manager, Physical Sciences and Engineering

Warren Duffy

Economic Development Specialist

Bayan Ahmed

Program Coordinator

Technology Portfolio

Nisreen Mostareeh

Technology Portfolio Manager

Saida Djebili

Technology Portfolio Manager

Jessica Eid

Technology Portfolio Manager

IP, Patents & Contracts

Piotr Musial

IP, Patent & Contracts Manager

Halah Dokhan

IP& Database Assistant

Haifa Al Mayman

IP& Contracts Coordinator

Hind Al-Johani

Technology Portfolio Manager

Jeffrey M. Bissette

Special Projects