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Office of the Vice President

Kevin Cullen

Vice President for Innovation

Catherine Montiano

Executive Secretary

Dr. Kevin Cullen was appointed as Vice President for Innovation at KAUST in 2018. Kevin is a leader in global innovation with expertise in both economic development and industrial engagement. As Vice President of KAUST Innovation, he leads the University’s intellectual property portfolio, help create and support new businesses, joint ventures, and collaborations with industry partners, and continue to foster a strong culture of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.

Dr. Cullen has over 20 years of experience in academic innovation and business development. Throughout his career he has helped elevate university-based innovation enterprises that have led to the launch of more than 250 startup companies as well as numerous products and services.

Prior to joining KAUST, Kevin spent six years as CEO of Innovations at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. He helped transform UNSW from a traditional commercialization unit into an innovation hub by supporting a broad range of university priorities including economic development and social impact.

Commercial & Legal

Francesco Fotea

Commercial Director

Operations & Strategy

Noor Fianti

Head, Operations & Strategic Initiatives

Marketing & Outreach

Aurelie Arsouze

Marketing Manager Innovation

Sara Brady

Senior Graphic Designer

Malak Sabahi

Senior Creative Designer

Lama Kattan

Graphic Designer

Amirah Alqahtani

Digital Marketing Specialist

Wanyi Li

Marketing Assistant 

Elise O’Connor

Content Marketing Lead

Dina Al-Qawasmeh

Marketing Project Specialist

Business & Finance

Hadeel Al-Sulaimany

Business & Finance Manager

Hattan M. Ahmed

Business Analyst

KAUST Research & Technology Park

Nawaf Al Gain

KAUST Research & Technology Park Manager

Reem Philby

KAUST Research & Technology Park Account Officer

Norani Nordin

KAUST Research & Technology Park Account Officer

Zyad Kamakhi

KAUST Research & Technology Park Operations Specialist

Enass Dahman

Administrative Assistant

Ahmad Bohliqa

KAUST Research & Technology Park Operations Officer

Salem Alyafie

Innovation Partnership Manager 

Abdulrahman Khogeer

Startup Services Center Coordinator

SME innovation services

Sami Sarhan

Head, SME Innovation Services

Omar Kutbi

SME Engagement Manager

Osama Madkhali

SME Program Coordinator

Arwa Hammad

KICP Coordinator

Strategic Innovation Partnerships Office

Sami Sarhan

Acting Head of Innovation Partnerships

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Amjad Ashri

Innovation Partnerships Manager

Maaz Khawaji

Innovation Partnerships Specialist

Belal Fayad

Innovation Partnership Manager

Maha Aljahdali

KICP Officer

Manal Alotaibi

Innovation Partnerships Coordinator

Entrepreneurship Center

Hattan Ahmed

Entrepreneurship Director

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Jerry Faldas

Team Admin

Nisha S. Mani

Operations Specialist

Startup Accelerator

Abdulrahman Al Jiffry

Startup Accelerator Manager

Arwa Shafi

Startup Accelerator Lead

Maryam Barradh

Startup Associate

Mohamad B. Alwan

Financial Startup Analyst 

Omar Khasawneh

Startup Incubation Lead

Rahaf Alrashidi

Startup Data Analyst

Aseel Banjar

Program Associate


Haitham R. Alhumsi

Online Learning Manager

Ali M. Siddiqui

Business Systems Specialist

Dawood K. Mohanna

Digital Experience Specialist

Hibah Y. Atiah

Innovation Associate

Bashayer Hindi

Learning Systems Analyst

Jeffery M. Ahmed

Ideation Programs Lead

Alhasan H. Naita

Events & Logistics Coordinator


Lama Hakem

Educational Programs Lead

Bülent Erbilgin

Visiting Professor

Wesley D. Sine

Visiting Faculty

Kenneth C. Singer

Visiting Faculty

Lamaa Ghryani

Events & Logistics Associate

Innovation Ventures

Gary Rubin

Head, KAUST Innovation Ventures

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Francois Pichot

Investment Manager

Enaam Tamboosi

Portfolio Coordination Analyst

Nadine Mojadidi

Financial Analyst

Asim Danish

Business Advisory Manager 

Ehab Abbas

Business Planning Advisor

Maryam Mohammed

Admin Assistant

Malak Alotaibi

Financial Analyst

Technology Commercialization

Sean Flanigan

Director of Technology Transfer

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Technology Discovery

Kok Yong

Head, Technology Portfolio

Hind Al-Johani

Technology Portfolio Manager

Saida Djebili

Technology Portfolio Manager

Haifa Al Mayman

IP & Contracts Coordinator

Bandeh Ali Talpur

IP, Patent & Contracts Manager

Technology Development

Jeffrey Bissette

Acting Head, Technology Development

Suzanne Wolhuter

Technology Development Specialist

Warren Duffy

Technology Development Specialist

Salahud Din

Technology Development Specialist

Technology Deployment

Riddhi Shukla

Head, Technology Deployment

Hadi Zulfiqar

Technology Deployment Specialist

Nisreen Mostareeh

Technology Deployment Specialist

Hiromi Habuchi

IP Deployment Coordinator