KAUST Startup Portfolio

Explore High-Potential Partnerships with High-Tech Startups

Below are a list of KAUST funded startups.  KAUST Innovation Ventures supports and mentors high-potential startups that are open for investment and collaboration. Our deep tech startups come from across the physical and chemical sciences, as well as IT and digital technologies. Many of our startups came about through one of KAUST’s startup accelerators or mentorship programs.

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Solar panel cleaning solutions based on cloud-controlled autonomous waterless (brush-based) robots.

Developer of next generation printable high-power and low-cost tandem Perovskites/ Quantum Dots solar cell materials and technology.

Revolutionary DMOR technology to accurately, reliably and cost-effectively measure the multiphase flow in order to help optimize the oil production process.

Reliable drilling tools for the oil and gas industry to improve drilling performance, address wellbore quality and downhole tool related non-productive time.

Developer of next-generation laser lighting technology designed to enable high-speed data communication links in underwater and free-space.

Environment, Food, Water

Silica-based adsorption desalination system driven by a low-temperature heat source

Revolutionary salt-resistant crops and energy and water efficient cooling and control systems for controlled environment farming in arid, humid, and hot climates

Organic waste recycling targeted to desert environments using different composting technologies.

Uniquely formulated dust control technologies to improve the financial, health, safety and environmental aspects of dust control management.

Biotechnology hygiene manufacturers which develops cleaning formulations and disinfectants.

IoT technology that provides unlimited, easy and sustainable access to plants and greens right in the kitchen

AI, ICT and Robotics

End-to-end physical assets digitalization using drones and land surveying equipment using multi-copter based systems to produce large-scale, high-res 3D models.

Online catalog of 2-5D medical imaging scans, electronic and optical microscopy images, 2D and 3D-engineering objects, illustrations, infographics, schemes, graphs, spectra, vectors, maps and videos.

Staff monitoring system to manage location of staff designated to manage large crowds during big events.

World’s first solar powered integrated solution to monitor and respond to floods and traffic in real time.

Staff monitoring system to manage location of staff designated to manage large crowds during big events.

UnitX automates industrial safety and security by providing real-time actionable insights from sensor data through Vizard; a patent-pending edge-based AI platform.

Material & Chemical Sciences

Manufacturer of high-quality quantum dots for displays and screens.

Developer of high surface area silica nanomaterial platform with versatile applications in energy and petrochemicals.

Creating light-emitting materials and devices to enhance the colour gamut of next-generation electronic displays.


Genotyping service and discovery services to physicians, hospitals and clinics in Saudi Arabia with diagnostic genetic testing and context-specific prognostic information to support clinical treatment decision-making.

PepPrint provides state-of-the-art technologies in 3D/4D bioprinting for applications in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, diagnostics and drug screening to serve the private and public sectors, i.e. hospitals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.