Social Connectivity

Social Connectivity Challenge

Staying connected while isolated during coronavirus

How do we support each other and connect as a community while adapting to the new normal of social distancing?

The coronavirus crisis is pushing many of us into periods of enforced isolation and social distancing. We have seen events cancelled, imposed work-from-home, schools closed, and even the inability to visit loved ones. While these measures are designed to slow the spread of the virus, the consequence is fewer face-to-face interactions, increasing the risk of loneliness.

How might we support one another during this shared experience? What are the tools and mechanisms to cope during social isolation? How can we organize events in isolation? What are the best ways for managing stress levels and family dynamics while isolated? How can we support children during periods of social and physical distancing?

This challenge is open to everyone at KAUST. We want to hear what challenges you are facing and your ideas and solutions for the community.

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Education challenges and opportunities during coronavirus

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Community challenges and opportunities during crises

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What other challenges have you identified or ideas do you have?

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