Education Challenge

 Education challenges and opportunities during coronavirus

How might we ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education while in isolation at home?

Educators and students of all ages – from primary school to Ph.D. level are finding new ways of teaching and learning due to the Coronavirus crisis. From shuttered labs to converging online, we are facing unprecedented challenges to accessing education. What are the technology, tools, logistics and mindsets that can be use right now to further education during the Coronavirus?

As we shift to an online learning model how do we ensure that all students are supported? Are there populations of students that need different kinds of support? How can we assist working parents with school age children? What other challenges are we facing during this time?

This challenge is open to everyone at KAUST – teachers, students, parents, citizens – we want to hear your ideas and solutions.

Challenge areas

Social Connectivity

Staying connected while isolated during Coronavirus

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Community Management

Community challenges and opportunities during crises

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Open Challenge

What other challenges have you identified or ideas do you have?

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