Community Management

Community Management Challenge

Community challenges and opportunities during the coronavirus crisis

How can we better prepare our community, families and workforce to quickly and efficiently respond to the challenges of the new normal brought forth by COVID-19?

The coronavirus rapidly impacted our community, affecting everything from education, health, work, food, supply chains and businesses. In what ways are you learning about how best to prepare your local community, family, network and others to ensure resources are well-managed and available for all? How do we keep essential services – food, sanitation, etc. – running with minimal risk? What are the best communications solutions to reach all community members?

This challenge is open to everyone at KAUST. We want to hear what challenges you are facing and your ideas and solutions for the community.

Challenge areas


Education challenges and opportunities during coronavirus

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Social Connectivity

Staying connected while isolated during coronavirus

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Open Challenge

What other challenges have you identified or ideas do you have?

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